1. Dispute case of a large the united states state-owned enterprise over the import of furniture.

Phillip Dong Successfully Won the Lawsuit as The plaintiff for the deposit back. In May 2020,Phillip Dong’s team successfully helped a large the united states state-owned enterprise, resolve an contract dispute with a Chinese furniture supplier through arbitration and negotiation, of which the disputed amount was more than RMB 50 million. In the negotiation,Phillip Dong's lawyer represented the client to initiate international arbitration, conduct reasonable negotiation with the counter party while promoting the arbitration, and coordinate with the client to flexibly adjust the negotiation program based on the main interests of the client. After several rounds of negotiation in the past 12 months, the client and the Chinese furniture supplier reached a settlement to resolve the dispute.

2. After three years and three lawsuits, lawyer Linda Shen has won "late justice" for Italy client.

In July 2017, a Italy company signed a sales confirmation with a Zhejiang company to purchase Chemical raw materials from a Zhejiang company. After paying the full amount, the Zhejiang company did not deliver the original bill of lading and invoice as agreed. Furthermore, it refused to deliver the documents despite of repeated reminders. The Italy customer found lawyer Linda Shen with rich experience in the settlement of foreign trade disputes through Internet search, so it decided to entrust lawyer Linda Shennda Shen to represent in the dispute. After accepting the entrustment in August 2017, lawyer Linda Shen first asked the Italy company for the relevant email communication and the sales confirmation. She carefully studied and analyzed the facts of the case. A few days later, lawyer Linda Shen drafted a lawyer's letter to the Zhejiang company to ask for the original bill of lading and invoice. At the same time, he arranged the Italy company to issue the entrustment materials according to the notarial examination procedure of the evidence, making the evidence needed into a form applicable in mainland China. In September 2017, lawyer Linda Shen sued the Zhejiang company to Ningbo Intermediate People's Court on behalf of the Italy company (case 1). While responding to case 1, the Zhejiang case filed another related litigation (case 2) in October 2017. The second case passed the first and the second instance, and the final judgment was made December 2018, both of which were won by the Italy company. Case 1 was suspended due to waiting for the trial result of the case 2. Due to changes of the circumstances, the Italy company altered its litigant requests. Therefore, lawyer Linda Shen applied to the court for withdrawal in December 2019. 2 months later, lawyer Linda Shen submitted the adjusted indictment to Ningbo Intermediate People's Court (case 3) and asked the Zhejiang company to compensate for the loss caused by the wrong delivery of the bill of lading. In February 2020, the court ruled that the Italy company won the lawsuit. The Zhejiang company said it would not appeal and pay voluntarily. The dispute over the undelivered documents ended after three years! When receiving the favorable judgment, head of the Italy company expressed mixed feelings and was very grateful for the professional dedication and unremitting efforts of lawyer Linda Shen. Italy clients are well aware that lawyer Linda Shen has talked with the court countless times for these 3 cases, and has gone to Ningbo at least 50 times for talks and court sessions. "Thank you very much over the years." She said “Thanks for the good news. It comes to an end to this story finally.

3. Lawyer Ebo Zhao Contributes on International Equipment Sales Dispute.

Ebo Zhao Solved Client’s Problem through International Cooperation----Criminal Risks of Export Enterprises. One Shanghai company sold several batches of lighthouse equipment, self- designed and self-manufactured, to an Australian company in 2012. After receiving the products, the Australian company claimed that there was a quality problem, resulting in disputes between the parties. In May 2014, the Australian company sued the Shanghai company in the Queensland district court of Australia, requesting to refund all the money paid and compensate for the loss. At the beginning, the Shanghai company entrusted an Australian lawyer to deal with the lawsuit. However, because of the difference in language and culture, large costs were involved but the progress was slow. In November 2016, recommended by the Australian lawyer, the Shanghai company entrusted Lawyer Ebo Zhao to assist in the lawsuit. After participating in the case, Ebo Zhao listened to the opinions of the Shanghai company, revised the Reply and other documents prepared by the Australian lawyer, disclosed the evidence according to the requirements of the Australian lawyer, and put forward suggestions on the mediation plan. On one hand, the communication cost was largely saved, on the other hand, Shanghai company was fully informed and participated in the process. In December 2017, per request of the judge, the Australian lawyer participated in the mediation on behalf of the Shanghai company. At the critical moment of mediation, the Shanghai company consulted Ebo Zhao on the final settlement plan, which strengthened its confidence. Owing to Ebo Zhao, the clients has the opportunity to be actively and accurately involved with the litigation progress. Owing to Ebo Zhao, the Australian lawyer had a deeper understanding of client’s demands and the case could be finally settled.