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What if you are cheated by a Chinese supplier?

Talk to a lawyer.

Taking a Chinese manufacturer to court (and winning a judgement) is certainly possible, but win or lose, the costs can be significant. You may even win the judgement, but not have the leverage to actually enforce the judgement.

If you’ve been cheated by a Chinese manufacturer, you should go to a lawyer in China (either a local lawyer or an international one). They can give you an idea of what your chances are, and how much it will cost.

Will the Embassy help me get my money back from a supplier who cheated me?

Depending on what county you are from, your Embassy in China may be a bit more helpful than the Chinese Embassy back home. I’m sure they also get lots of mail from companies in situations like yours. Most of the time they will suggest you contact the police and they may give you a list of lawyers and some English speaking Chinese government offices that are in theory supposed to help you.

We can help you to make complaints to Chinese Embassies and Consulates. In some cases, the embassy or consulates will refer your complaints to the law enforcement agencies and trade promotion agencies in China, who have the authority to mediate your dispute with the Chinese supplier.

What about your costs and problem-solving efficiency?

Our fee is honest, our efficiency is efficient.

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